Eko Club was founded in 1974 and was formally launched in May 1975. The formation of the club was rooted in the early days of Eko as Lagos Island is often referred to.

The popular games around the time were either in-door or out-door such as Ogo, Ise, Ayo, Draught, Card Games. The formation of Boys’ Club in many areas of Lagos also assisted in bringing together youths in Lagos. The notable ones were Faji Boys’ Club, Alakoro Boys’ Club and Lafiaji Boys’ Club. 

By the early 60s, Lagos had extended miles into the hinterland and many conurbations had developed within it. These included Apapa, Ajegunle, Surulere, Mushin, Shomolu, Ikeja, Ketu and Agege. This new trend made it difficult for these young men some of who now resided in these areas after their education or sojourn abroad, to meet as they used to do in their adolescent days. Most Nigerians (as well as the founding members) in these new areas of Lagos, worked on the Lagos Island, and faced unprecedented traffic-jam. Though most Members of Eko Club, at the early stage had their family houses on the Island, they still relied on the comfort provided by the Sewing workshop and Show-Room of Mr. Sikiru.A. Agoro, alias “Boy Liverpool” situated at 10, Bishop Street, (now Alhaji Issa Williams Street, Lagos). This served as the nerve-cooling centre for the founding members who would stop by to say hello to him. The shop soon became a meeting point of friends, sitting down and socializing till late evening. Saturdays were known to be most notorious for traffic-jams, so the number of callers at Alhaji Agoro’s shop were highest then. This mode of avoiding traffic-jam and invariably relaxing continued for a period, hence the need to purchase chairs, tables and glass cups became inevitable. Members decided to make a contribution of 2 pounds (Four Naira) per head for this purpose. 

On one such occasion by the end of 1973, the idea was mooted that the group be properly organized and that a separate identity be given this group of young men. The idea received overwhelming support and a Club was born. Protem Officers were immediately chosen and Mr. Mutiu O. Bishogun became the Protem Chairman. The name Eko, was thereafter adopted after several considerations such as Lagos Elites Club, Lagos Social Club, House of Gentlemen etc.

At the first election of the officers in January 1975 at West End Coliseum, Mr Rasheed Alaba Williams emerged as the first President defeating the Protem Chairman, Justice Mutiu O. Bioshogun. Eko Club was formally launched at a Gala Dance held at the Lagos City Hall, on Saturday May 10, 1975, under the distinguished chairmanship of the late Chief Shafi L. Edu and the late Grand Patron, His Royal Highness, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II, Oba of Lagos.


Billiards Squash Hall

Committee Members

President: Hon. Barrister Tajudeen Jaiyeola Agoro.
Gen Sec: Mr Muhammed Faiq Akanji Abou


Address: No. 1, Eko Club Close, Surulere, Lagos.
Phone: +234 806 014 9237
Phone: +234 7011600696

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