Warri Club


Warri Club was founded by the Colonial Masters in 1924 under the leadership Mr. Page, a European staff of Shell Oil Company. Mr. Page was later succeeded by Mr. Kapela who was then  the Manager of SCOA. Though Europeans led the club, some Nigerians were allowed to join including Chief Isaac Jemide who was then the Secretary and Mr. F. Arubayi who worked in Shell. It was not until 1973 that the club had its first Nigerian, Mr. Joe Maiki, a situation that led to increase in the number of Africans joining the club. The takeover of leadership by blacks was not without an incident of racial discrimination, especially at the swimming pool area. Each time a Black man entered the swimming pool, all the whites would migrate to other areas. Protests soon ensued, leading to the takeover of leadership by Nigerians.


Swimming | Pool | Squash | Table Tennis | Tennis | Snooker and Billiards | Darts | Chess

Committee Members

President: Vincent Uduaghan
Sec: Dr. Austin Oroye (JP).


Address: 32, Warri Sapele Road, Warri, Delta State
Phone: +234 8091759222

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