Ibadan Recreation Club

The Ibadan Recreation Club (1902), formally called Ibadan European Club holds a Registration Certificate No. 40 of 1930. In the year 1950, the Ibadan European Club became the Ibadan Recreation Club. Later, in the year 2002, through an amendment to the constitution, the Ibadan Recreation Club became the Ibadan Recreation Club (1902).

The emergence of a recreation club was necessitated by a substantial British presence in Ibadan around 1893 when the Colonial Governor Carter was the Governor-General in Lagos. 

That year, troops were stationed in Ibadan. After the British were satisfied that peace and order had been established, the first civic reforms were initiated in 1897 by the second Resident, who met regularly with the Chiefs’ Council. Minutes of council meetings were kept for the first time and licensing fees were instituted to provide small civic revenues and the first physical improvements were begun which somewhat unfortunately was a jail and new barracks for the Hausa units of the British Army stationed on the outskirts of Ibadan

The Ibadan European Club, which was in existence then, served only the British. The African Club later emerged to serve the Africans and another club to serve the Lebanese. 

The Syrians and Lebanese led by R.S. Moukarin, who had been in Ibadan since 1926, with L. Bouari, the President of the Syrian Lebanese Union, applied for land to be used for the construction of their own recreation facility since they were not allowed into the European Club or the African Club. In July 1947, the union was granted a piece of Crown land on the outskirts of the city for their recreation club which gave birth to the Lebanese Club of Ibadan.


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Committee Members

Chairman: Dr. Adesoji Tayo


Address: Onireke Road, Sabo, Ibadan, Oyo State
Phone: +234 803 345 6701

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