Yoruba Tennis Club

Yoruba Tennis Club started out in 1926 with the name Orelodun Tennis Club75, at Tokunboh Street, Lagos. It was born out of the discriminatory tendencies of the Colonial lords who segregated themselves into exclusive Clubs to which no Nigerian (or African) was considered fit for admission no matter his or her attainment in the academic or social field. In the early twenties in Lagos, the Europeans had formed an exclusive Tennis Club, situated at the present site of the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club.

The objective of the Yoruba Tennis Club was to promote the spirit of brotherhood, fellowship and the healthy development of the mind and body, in a congenial social setting and through the playing of games especially that of Lawn Tennis, (which at that time was second in popularity to the game of football).

The Colonial Government allocated a piece of land 15, Old Golf Links, Onikan Lagos (later changed to 3, Onikan Road, Lagos) on which they built a Club House and two tennis courts. The first of the Tennis courts which was erected entirely from voluntary contributions in cash or in kind by members themselves, was informally opened on Wednesday, 15th December, 1926. The Tennis court was built then at a cost of Eighty Two Pounds, Eight Shillings and Two Pence (N164.82). The Club continued to hold its meetings and social activities at 75, Tokunboh Street, Lagos, the residence of Bro. Willie O. Fagbo until the first Club House was formally opened towards the latter part of 1936. Informal gatherings, especially after playing Tennis, were held under a tree in the Club’s premises.When the then Orelodun Club wanted to change to a more befitting name reflect their twin objectives of promoting brotherliness and the healthy development of mind and body, the following names were suggested: “Kinitalafia”, “Borokinni”, “Gbajumo”, “Yoruba”, “Saluga”, “Omoloju”, “Eko”, “Karaole”, “Oredun”. At its monthly general meeting held on Friday, 15th September 1926, the name “Yoruba Tennis Club” was unanimously adopted although it was never the intention of the founding fathers to restrict its membership to those of Yoruba origin alone. They ensured that the outlook and activities of the Club reflected its cosmopolitan nature.


Women’s Wing Thursday | Fish Group Tuesday | Suya Night Group | Games Village Group | Monday’s Bassilica Group | Jazz Section Group

Committee Members

President: Bro. (Chief) Euzebio Babajide Damazio
Hon Gen Secretary: Bro Gbolahan Dixon.


Address: 13, King George V Road, Onikan Environ, Lagos
Phone: +234 8028615808

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