Ikoyi Club Suspends Alakija for Alleged Violent Misconduct

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Modupe Alakija, the husband of billionaire oil magnate and richest woman in Africa, Folorunsho Alakija, affected the poise of a beautiful bride. He was like the nearest thing to a tin-god so much so that friends, business associates worshipped the ground upon which he walked; albeit reluctantly.

Yes, like all man-made deities, Alakija stopped resembling a ‘god’ or something like one after he was suspended some days ago by the prestigious Ikoyi Club, Lagos, for assaulting a fellow member.

It was reported that the dark-hued man has put the ugly scenario behind him and literally cursing his luck for venturing into an unfamiliar terrain of pugilism.

His victim, a prominent member of the club, we heard, was ‘rude’ to Alakija, which drew his ire. Alakija reportedly accosted him, spitting into the air and accepting it with measured cadence.

Then, he stunned him with a blinding slap in a manner only Anthony Joshua would deal blows on an opponent. Still smarting from the scathing slap, the man responded and attacked Alakija with ferocity, who least expected it.

Before long, the man was on the floor being pummeled on all sides. By the time he was extricated from Alakija’s vicious grip, he had been to hell and back and gasping for breath where there wasn’t.

Alakija has since been suspended for one year for engaging in such gross misconduct unbecoming of a man of his social standing.

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