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As a young lad, I started playing football and table tennis for my primary school around 1952. Going 75 years now, I still continue with the latter as it gives me near-completeness and fitness. The benefits for the elderly are immeasurable. Records show that from the age of 50+, muscle mass and overall strength are reduced by 45% up to 55% depending on individuals’ body constitution.

The elderly’s capacity to remain independent is reduced, falling risks are higher. As such, staying inactive could be risky for the elderly.

Sports is not limited to young people, it is even strongly recommended for the elderly.

Some of the benefits for the elderly include:

  1. Reduced obesity
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Prevention of heart disease
  4. Reduction of falling risks
  5. Control of cholesterol level
  6. Prevention of osteoporosis
  7. Socialisation which is good for body functions
  8. Improvement of the immune system
  9. Reduction of depression risks


For an elder, certain cares need to be considered considering one’s ability and disability. Note that a healthy mind in a healthy body stays physically active.

For An Elder To Gain From Sporting

  • Regularity is important to get good result
  • An elder should avoid serious competition and injuries
  • An elder should use appropriate equipment – racket, clothes, shoes etc
  • An elder should be conscious of his body temperature when engaging in any sporting activity (risk of hypothermia).


The following exercises should be moderately undertaken: 

  • Walking
  • Body building
  • Walking football
  • Gymnastics 
  • Tri-cycling
  • Snooker/Billiards 
  • Swimming 
  • Light Yoga
  • Table tennis 
  • Aerobics 
  • ETC 

-Aare Bisi Ishola Lawal, Lagos Country Club

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