Randle Inaugurates New Ikeja Club Exco After Glorious Tenure

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It was a glorious change of baton at the Ikeja Club as Otunba Ayodeji Randle handed over to Aare Mosedik Adeleke as the new President of the Club. The Friday September 8 event which witnessed the inauguration of the new Executive Members, was momentous as members relished the quantum successes recorded by the outgoing President. A visionary leader, his tenure as the 26th president gave the club more visibility through numerous rebranding activities and prestige. According to him, his desire to make the club a leading social and recreation club has been relatively satisfactory. He was also able to increase the club’s corporate membership.

L-r … immediate past President, Otunba Ayodeji Randle; 22nd President of ikeja Club, Aare Musediq Adebayo Adeleke and Trustee, ikeja Club.Otunba (Engr) Olaofe Oluwanishola .

Commending the past records of the new executive members, Otunba Randle urged them to surpass the giant strides already achieved.
A descendant of the late statesman, Dr. John Randle, Otunba Ayodeji Idowu Randle, 70, is an accomplished Chartered Insurance practitioner. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria and the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers.
Below are excerpts of his speech at the inauguration of the new Exco:
The Board of Trustees, Patrons, Management Council Members, Past Presidents, Elders, Leaders of various groups and our esteemed members.
With a deep sense of humility, I sincerely want to appreciate everyone in no particular order for your selfless support during my tenure as the 26th President of this great club. The landmark achievements couldn’t have been possible without your understanding and commitment to my vision, especially the Management Council.

Legal, Adviser Ikeja Club. Lukman Iman (right) administrating the Oak of office to the newly elected Members of the Executive Council of the Ikeja Club
L-r…Elder, Adedoja Segun; . President of ikeja Club, Aare Musediq Adebayo Adeleke; his wife Mrs. Kabirat Adeleke ; immediate Past President , Otunba Ayodeji Randle; Patron ,ikeja Club . Otunba Dr. Kayode Lawrence Adeshina; Trustee ,ikeja Club .Otunba (Engr) Olaofe Oluwanishola; Balogun Charles Osisami (Patron).

Again, I say a big thank you to you all.
I must confess to you today that I am happy and fulfilled that my desire and passion to REBRAND Ikeja Club especially making us one of the foremost social and recreational clubs and attracting corporate membership was greatly achieved giving room for more ground to explore. I urge you Mr. President and the incoming Management Council not to lose focus of the project “branding” because of the enormous accrued benefits now and in the nearest future.
Mr. President, Aare Mosedik Adeleke, one of my foot soldiers and Chairman of the Project Committee, I would like to plead with your administration not to lose focus on the timely completion of lkeja Club Plaza because apart from the economic value, it will transform the facade of our great club.

L-r …Chief Franklin Akinola; Mr. Jubril Hussain; Elder Adedoja Segun; President of ikeja Club, Aare Musediq Adebayo Adeleke; his wife Mrs. Kabirat Adeleke; immediate past President, Otunba Ayodeji Randle.
L-r… Past president ikeja Club ,Prince Ademola Adunola, President of ikeja Club, Aare Musediq Adebayo Adeleke and Patron ,ikeja Club . Otunba Dr. Kayode Lawrence Adeshina.

Finally, a Journey of one thousand miles ends in a day, therefore, I am indeed grateful to God and very happy to handover the mantle of leadership to the 27th President of our great club this day, 8th September, 2023 and my prayers are that the good Lord will see you through in Jesus Mighty name Amen.
As I round off my tenure today as the President of Ikeja Club, I will like to draw the attention of Lagos State Government to the very disturbing situations and sad experiences on most Lagos roads and the need to address them urgently.
This has to do with the high level of lawlessness and indecorum exhibited by motorists, especially commercial drivers, okada riders, danfo, korope and dispatch riders on Lagos roads.
Sadly, they have turned what used to be pleasurable rides on Lagos roads to frightening nightmares.

L-r… Mr. Michael Samuel; Barrister Abayomi Omoyinmi; Prince Yemi Adetiba; Mr. Ayo Ajayi.
L-r… President of Ikeja Club, Aare Musediq Adebayo Adeleke; his wife Mrs. Kabirat; with Chief Whip of the Club. Lord Erpe.

They don’t obey traffic lights; they don’t observe the one-way rules of the state and they have messed up Bus Rapid Transit routes specially dedicated to residents on fast move.
Much more worrisome is the fact that some state traffic agents look the other way as the lawlessness on our roads are carried out by some unscrupulous residents. Some observers have even alleged that traffic agents compromise because of the tips they get from the law-breaking motorists. This calls for quick monitoring and investigations to put an end to the ugly trend, which has its status of beauty.
The importance of a sane road cannot be overemphasized, especially now that focus is on sane environment for economic progress.
Sane roads will eliminate insecurity on some our roads, as criminal activities are often perpetuated in an unorganized, rowdy environments.
It will also eliminate wastages suffered my residents in traffic caused by lawlessness by some motorists.
Long Live Great Ikeja Club.
Otunba Ayodeji Randle
Outgoing President

L-R … Cross Section of newly elected Members Executive Council of the ikeja Club.
L-r…Membership Secretary of Ikeja Club, Chief Nwosu John Patrick; received his Certificate from Patron, Ikeja Club. Otunba Dr. Kayode Lawrence Adeshina.

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