VGC Recreational Club Redefines Leisure In Lagos

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In the splendour of Victoria Garden City, Lagos, reigns the sprawling VGC Recreational Club. Since its inception in 2006, this exclusive haven has evolved into an elegant sanctuary meeting the discerning preferences of its privileged patrons.

At its heart lies an unwavering commitment to fostering a wholesome lifestyle. The facilities stand as a testament to this dedication: a state-of-the-art gymnasium, impeccably maintained tennis and squash courts, indoor basketball, volleyball, badminton, and a bespoke indoor 5-a-side football pitch that caters to the diverse tastes of its sophisticated clientele.

For those in pursuit of a more genteel respite, the club offers a curated selection of refined
entertainment options. A games-arcade room, snooker room, lounge, and board games room provide a welcome escape from the rigours of the day. Complementing the athletic offerings are an aerobics studio and an upscale salon, presenting an opportunity for holistic rejuvenation.

The VGC Recreational Club has earned its reputation as a bastion of exclusivity and
Safety – an indispensable consideration for its distinguished members. Preparing for a visit to the VGC Recreational Club demands foresight and elegance. Essential accoutrements include a swimming suit and gym attire, and for tennis enthusiasts, sports materials are a must.
Prudence in financial matters dictates the presence of cash or credit/debit cards, while those musically inclined are encouraged to bring along their favoured instruments to contribute to the refined ambiance.

This social sanctuary, sprawling over 11,000 square metres, serves as more than a mere fitness centre. It is a nexus for social and business interactions. With a refined main restaurant offering delights, a delivery service catering to the precincts of Victoria Garden City, and tennis courts overseen by seasoned coaches, the VGC Recreational Club caters to the multifaceted needs of its illustrious members.

Beyond the physical realm, the club accommodates diverse pursuits with facilities
encompassing body fitness, massage & spa services, the Konnes Tennis Cafe, and spaces for both outdoor and indoor sports. VGC Recreational Club embodies a commitment to health, leisure, and social connections in a secure and distinguished environment. It stands as a rendezvous for residents and visitors of stature – a unique opportunity to engage in refined
sociability and cultivate invaluable business networks.

In essence, the VGC Recreational Club transcends the conventional boundaries of a fitness centre, emerging as a lifestyle destination where health, leisure, and societal affiliations
seamlessly intertwine. In the dignified setting of Victoria Garden City, Lagos, this

establishment beckons to the discerning older audience and Very Important Persons to indulge in the exclusive offerings that distinguish VGC Recreational Club as a venerable gem in the heart of Lagos.

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