Lagos Country Club Keen On Squash Development For Women

The leadership of Lagos Country Club’s squash section has reaffirmed their dedication to squash development in Nigeria, particularly focusing on empowering women in the sport. They are planning to expand international tournaments and are actively promoting female participation within their club and beyond.Squash was first introduced to Nigeria in the 1970s through efforts by the […]

A Guide To Finding The Right Social Club

Social clubs offer a treasure trove of benefits – fostering friendships, expanding networks, and igniting new passions. But with a vast array of options available, navigating the world of social clubs can feel overwhelming. The key is finding a club that aligns perfectly with your interests and personality. Before diving into your search, embark on […]

10 Fun And Effective Ways Nigerian Social Clubs Can Support Members on Their Weight Loss Journey

In Nigeria, social clubs are more than just gatherings; they are vibrant communities where members come together to bond, celebrate, and support each other. One area where these clubs can make a significant impact is in promoting health and wellness, particularly in supporting members on their weight loss journey. Here are ten fun and effective […]

Exciting Finale At The 20th Prince Dr. Joseph Ademiluyi Tennis Tournament

The recently concluded 20th Edition of the Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation Tournament delivered a memorable showcase of emerging tennis talent, culminating in a grand finale held on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, at the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja. This milestone edition celebrated two decades of tireless efforts dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and empowering […]

Building A Powerful Network Through Social Clubs In Lagos

Lagos is a vibrant city brimming with professionals seeking to expand their networks and propel their careers. Social clubs, like the Ikoyi Club, Lagos Polo Club, Metropolitan Club, Business Club Ikeja and Association of Friends offer a unique platform for fostering meaningful connections and advancing professional goals.Unlike online platforms, social clubs boast a diverse membership, […]

Francis Epe Sets Record At Acropolis Golf Course Launch

The Acropolis Gardens and Residence Golf Course in Okija, Anambra, marked its grand opening with a successful inaugural tournament. The event drew 82 professional and amateur golfers from across Nigeria, showcasing the country’s rising golfing talent.Nigeria’s top-ranked golfer, Francis Epe from Ikoyi Club, stole the show. Epe dominated the competition, setting a new course record […]

Maiden Edition of Veterans Invitations Golf Tournament at Ikoyi Club

The maiden edition of the Veterans Invitations Golf Tournament in the Golf Section of Ikoyi Club recently concluded, marking a significant milestone in the club’s golfing calendar. The April tournament brought together seasoned golfers and enthusiasts for a competitive yet camaraderie-filled event.Players were divided into different categories based on handicap levels to ensure fair and […]

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